Aerial View of USQ, a $2 billion 2.4 million square foot development centered around the MBTA’s Union Square Station in Somerville, MA, Developed by US2; Rendering Credit: US2

WHO: USQ, the new 2.4 million square foot development adjacent to Union Square Station in Somerville

WHAT: To celebrate opening day of the MBTA Green Line Extension (GLX) at Union Square Station in Somerville, USQ will give away Sugar Rush donuts from acclaimed Union Square Donuts to the first 200 riders!

WHEN: Monday, March 21, 2022, beginning at 8AM

WHERE: Outside the Union Square Station Platform, 50 Prospect Street Somerville

INTERVIEW OPP: Greg Karczewski, President of US2, which is developing USQ, the $2 billion, 2.4 million square feet, mixed-use development.

“The opening of Union Square Station on the Green Line Extension is a historical moment for the City of Somerville, a critical transit improvement, and an anchor to our USQ development. Between USQ and The Green Line Extension, there will be a profound ripple effect on life in Union Square, enabling new and existing residents to connect more readily with Greater Boston; allowing thousands of workers to come to and from Union Square with ease, and making way for patrons to better explore stellar art, retail and dining destinations. We are thrilled to mark this milestone, knowing that it represents our collective efforts to usher in a new, bright future for Union Square as a mixed-use employment center, while immediately delivering on numerous public benefits. US2 was honored to play a role in this transformative project and is very grateful to the MBTA and City of Somerville for their partnership and commitment,” says Greg Karczewski, President of US2.

US2 collaborated closely with the MBTA and the City of Somerville, and committed to delivering improvements that directly support Union Square Station operations, including
an elevator serving MBTA patrons to the south,
an MBTA bicycle storage facility,
an ADA accessible pathway (as planned, interim facilities are now open and permanent facilities will deliver between now and 2023),
MBTA employee facilities (as planned, interim facilities are now open and permanent facilities will deliver between now and 2023).
USQ is also committed to new neighborhood mobility infrastructure that creates upgraded pedestrian routes, 1,750 bike parking spaces, new bike lanes, improved bus stops, and mobility management programs.
Additionally, US2 committed more than $6 million to offset the City of Somerville’s financial contribution to the GLX project and to support the City’s efforts to expand mobility options within the neighborhood.

10-50 Prospect Street within USQ; Developed by US2; Rendering Credit: US2

Beginning in 2015, US2 collaborated closely with the MBTA and the City of Somerville to help bring Union Square Station to fruition, connecting Somerville with the entirety of the MBTA system and greater Boston’s economy. These efforts not only helped to maximize Union Square’s accessibility and connectivity for all ages and abilities, but also to reduce congestion and pollution.

USQ will become the newest destination within the Boston-Cambridge innovation economy as it expands on the neighborhood’s vibrant residential community. The 2.4 million square foot development is central to Somerville’s growth plans, delivering on the community-led “SomerVision” plan by increasing jobs, housing, open space and mobility options. In total, USQ’s 2.4 million square feet is comprised of 1.2 million square feet of new lab, office, and innovation space; 1,000 residences, including 200 permanently affordable units; 3.6 acres of parks and open space; 11 new, multi-purpose civic open spaces, including 3 neighborhood parks; 140,000 square feet of retail; 74,000 square feet of arts and creative space; and 175 hotel rooms.

In laying the foundation for USQ, US2 maintained a commitment to smart growth principles and best practices in urban planning. The development is organized around forward-thinking approaches to mobility management, all of which promote walking, cycling and transit ridership over vehicle use.

Union Square Station on the GLX directly neighbors Phase One of USQ, 10 – 50 Prospect Street, a four-acre site that broke ground in early 2021. 10-50 Prospect Street will be home to three buildings with 194,000 square feet of lab and innovation space, 450 apartment units, as well as retail, arts and creative spaces, all slated for delivery in 2023. Additionally, USQ’s Station Plaza and new streetscape along Prospect Street, will offer a welcoming, civic open space and reimagined pedestrian experience that will engage commuters as they bustle to and from Union Square Station.

USQ is developed by US2, a joint venture between Magellan Development; RAS Development LLC; Cypress Equity Investments and USAA Real Estate. The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Somerville Redevelopment Authority and is part of a M.G.L. Chapter 121B Urban Renewal Plan (i.e., the Union Square Revitalization Plan).; @disoverusq

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