Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (License Suspended) (MSP Warrant)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Thursday, March 3, 2021, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser East-1, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 12:40 A.M., I was dispatched to Grand Union Blvd and Great River Rd, both public ways in the city of Somerville, for a single motor vehicle accident. Somerville dispatched informed me that the vehicle was on the island and the parties were outside the vehicle. Officer Henriquez (East-4) and Officer Morel (Sector-East) also responded.

Upon arrival I observed a male and female, XXXX and Angie Henriquez, standing at the rear of the vehicle. I asked who was driving the vehicle and Angie stated that she was the operator of the vehicle. I asked her what had taken place and she stated that she hit the “Go” pedal numerous times, I asked her what she meant and she stated the gas pedal. She stated that they were parked in a spot next to Legal Sea food, pulled out and missed the turn into the rotary. When I stated that the tire tracks in the snow are straight and not consistent with someone pulling out of a spot she became defensive. I asked her if she needed any medical attention and she stated “go fuck yourself”.

I asked XXXX what had taken place and he stated that they were at Tony C’s and got into the accident after they pulled out of their spot. XXXX stated that Angie was the operator of the vehicle and he was only the passenger. I asked XXXX if he needed any medical attention and he declined stating he was ok.

I asked Somerville dispatch to attach the names of the parties involved and the vehicle to the call, I was informed that Angie had a suspended drivers license and she had an outstanding warrant (2156CR002919).

Angie was placed under arrest charged with the following offense;


She was transported by Unit #200, Officer Prophete, to the Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked by Lt. DeOliveira for the new offense and her outstanding warrant. I issued Angie Mass uniform citation #T1830074 for the above-mentioned offense and the vehicle was towed via Pat’s towing.

I followed up with Assembly Row security and reviewed the cameras in the area. Angie’s vehicle is seen on camera heading Northbound on Grand Union Blvd towards the rotary coming from the Foley Street area at a high rate of speed. Her vehicle is seen hitting the first smaller island before finally coming to rest in the larger island. Video of this incident will be made available upon request from them.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer David Ruf #334
Somerville Police Department

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