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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to Darlene Hamel Brown, Teri Sannicandro Sullivan, Sheri Rios Graziano, Jim-Bob Farrell, Judy Gray, Tina McCarthy, Chris Whalen, Catherine Casey, Bridget Capobianco-Rios, Mido Anko, Lisa Brisbois Dyer (Lisa Grasso), Jeanne DiMuzio, Richard Byrne,

Kara Conkey Guedes, Robert Joseph Trahan, Matthew Sean Driscoll, Jodie Johnson, Jack Crowley, Jay Masci, Philip Goss, Gina EleFin Findlay (GiGi), Ed Barnard, Seymour Shribnik, Debra Sheeran, George Athas, Fran Hardy, Nancy Noble-Barletta, Katy Vitiello, Jenny Worrall, Lori Geleas, Tom Tierney, Michelle Maciel Collins, Joe Giovanello, Laura Delorey, Cristina DiSchino, Thomas Ross (The Atom Bomb), Peter Considine, John Brady, Jim McNally, Alvaro Medeiros, Captp Chiller, Libby Michael, Diane Rose, Alvaro Medeiros, ED FitzGerald, Carol Cappiello, Robert Wright, Robert Sperlinga, Jim Gallagher, Zelinha Car, Billy Boyden, Mike Pochee, Mario Fiorillo, Bobby Martini, Diane Melo-Reilly, Christopher Clark, John Pereira, Michael Campo, Sonny Mc Neill, Kelly Williams, Harry Agritha, Hung Goon, Karen Perry Flynn, Julliane De Bona, Mary Ellen Ciampi, Tim Harrington, Margie Dill Wright, Cochrane Christine, Allen Collier, Chris Monteiro, Maryann Kumar, Jimmy Deoliveira and Bob Boudreau.

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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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