I, Officer Roger Desrochers, report the following summary of events based on direct interview with the persons named.

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, I, Officer Desrochers, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 182(E2), and patrolling the East district, for the Somerville Police Department when at about 19:03 I was dispatched along with Officer T Lambert to Papa John’s located at 622 Somerville Ave for a fight.

As units were heading to Papa John’s dispatch informed us that 6 males were fighting inside of the parking lot. Dispatch then informed units that a male showed a firearm and took off in a white Toyota Camry MA reg XXXX. Dispatch informed responding units that the plate came back canceled to a gray Cadillac Escalade, and was traveling on Somerville Ave toward Union Sq. I looked for the license plate given by dispatch, on my way to Papa Johns but did not locate it. As I arrived at Papa John’s there was no one in the parking lot fighting and 2 males standing on the side walk in front of the store.

The first male I spoke with was a witness to this incident. I spoke with XXXX XXXXX who stated, that he was inside Papa John’s waiting on his food when a male later identified as Mohamed Mohamed walked inside to pick up a Door dash order. Mr. XXXX stated that Mr. Mohamed was asked to wait a minute and some one would be right with him, It seemed that Mr. Mohamed was in a rush as he got aggravated and walked behind the counter to get his order. That when employees and Mr. Mohamed began to argue, due to the fact that he was in an employee only area. At this point Mr. Mohamed began to yell and swear at the employees, causing XXXX XXXX one of the managers to come out from the back room and try to calm the situation down. Once Mr. XXXX makes contact with Mr. Mohamed they both walk outside and out of view of the camera.

This is when Mr. XXXX and Mr. Mohamed began to have words with each other, during their argument Mr. Mohamed swung his hinds hands toward Mr. XXXX face. Thinking that he was going to be hit in the face Mr. XXXX pulled Mr. Mohamed to the ground and held him down. Once Mr. Mohamed stood up he went into his car a white Toyota Camry MA reg XXXX pulled out and cocked a silver and black handgun and stated that he was going to kill them. At this time there were about 6 people outside all of who ran in fear of being shot. That’s when Mr. Mohamed got back into his car and backed out of his parking spot and stopped once again reaching into the middle console and grabbing his handgun and yelling I’m going to come back and kill all of you’s, and then sped away down Somerville Ave. It should be noted that this is the story of everyone involved except Mr. Mohamed,

Mr. Mohamed stated, that he arrived to Papa John’s to pick up a Door dash delivery when the employees began to yell at him and kicked him out of the store. He stated, that while in the store he was surrounded and feared that he was going to be jumped and told them to fight him or let him leave. He then again told them to fight me or let me leave I have a gun in my car I’m not going to get jumped. However back at the station he stated, that he does not believe that me and him communicated correctly and he wanted to give his real story. Mr. Mohamed stated that while outside of the store 3 to 4 employees from Papa John’s surrounded him while 1 person held him down and the 3 others assaulted him. Causing a small cut to his right elbow and right knee. Mr. Mohamed also stated that he was punched in the face and thinks his jaw might be broken.

Mr. Mohamed’s car a white Toyota Camry MA reg XXXX was located by Officer Messaoudi while driving on Somerville Ave at Kilby Street. Due to the nature of the call and the fact that a handgun was shown Officer Messaoudi advised Mr. Mohamed to keep his hands on the steering wheel and where he could see them. Officer Messaoudi then approached the car and ordered Mr. Mohamed out. Once out of the car Mr. Mohamed was brought to the front of Officer Messaoudi’s cruiser so that he was out of reach of his car. At this point Officer T Lambert arrived and placed Mr. Mohamed into handcuffs. Officer Goulart, Off Khoury, and Sergeant Schneider, and St Hilaire’s arrived on scene. I then finished at Papa John’s and joined officers at Kilby Street. This is when Officer Messaoudi took pictures of the vehicle, as well as the handgun and magazine in the center console. That’s when all officers were standing at the car and Officer Lambert who was wearing gloves removed from the center console a TP9SF Elite Tungsten Canik USA handgun. It should be noted that at the time of discovery the handgun had no round in the chamber as well as no magazine in the gun.

The first magazine was found in the center console with 14 rounds. The second magazine which was wrapped in a paper towel was found in the glove box during inventory. Officer T Lambert placed the handgun into an evidence box where it would remain un till it was passed off to me to be entered into evidence.

Based off of the above statements I will be charging Mr. Mohamed with the following charges.

Firearm Without FID Card Possess c269 S10
Assault W/Dangerous Weapon c265 S15B
Ammunition Without FID Card Possess c269 S10(H)(1)

Based off of Mr. Mohamed’s statement I will be filing a summons for Mr. XXXX for the following charge.

Assault & Battery c265 S13A 13B

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Roger Desrochers #337


If the Somerville Police Department were to ever be abolished or even defunded like my two socialist opponents want, this city would suffer an unrecoverable blow that would have devastating effects throughout our community! Crime, chaos, drugs, break-ins, burglery, rape, molestation, shootings, stabbings etc, etc, etc, would be running rampant throughout the streets of Somerville and nothing good would ever come out of it! We would be finished as a society!

Think very carefully before you vote this November and vote wisely!

Where I am the only non-socialist in the race as well as the only mayoral candidate to support our police, I’m your best choice for a greater and safer Somerville!

Please call all your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, everybody to come out and vote on November 2nd!

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