Somerville Socialist Destroying This City

By Arthur Moore

One of the problems that already is hurting any chance of affordable housing is ideas like Will Mbah has in his running for mayor. Already many landlords and even ones on his street which I do know are not renting out their apartments. Since everything is favoring tenants instead of the good landlords it makes no sense to rent out if you can afford not to.

And for example my apartment in my two family has never been rented out. And as long as I can get by it will stay empty. Personally I would like to help and give a fair deal to someone but I just can’t trust what power the city has put into the hands of the tenants. In our last house it was awful renting out. I won’t mention names but the people ruined a newly remodeled apartment and I had to have them evicted losing much rent in the process. To make it worse we gave them fair rent and Christmas month off. Yet we get screwed. Add insult to injury after they left they were in the paper advocating for tenants rights. So the idea to make it more affordable will take more affordable apartments off the market and having to depend on construction of so called affordable housing. Which in reality is false. Looking at the affordable units being offered are unaffordable to many of us at that price. People just have to realize you just have to go where it is affordable. That is how we picked Somerville. If we were looking now for a place Somerville would not make our list. It’s a reality. Between tenants and landlords this has to be a two way street, not one sided. I worked hard for my little piece of house and nobody should be telling me what I can or cannot do. This is still America last I looked. Just on this alone makes Will Mbah about the worst person running for mayor here. It is just the old “A chicken in every pot” thing as the reality of it is that it is just running for office talk.

This is the only remedy to save Somerville from further political destruction is to Please Write-in “William Tauro” 333 Great River Road on the balllot and circle the dot. Together we can do this and he will not let you down!

Tauro the only NON SOCIALIST in the race!

So please remember to call, email, text and tell all your relatives, friends and neighbors that live in Somerville to please write an “William Tauro” especially now that early absentee ballots have arrived and Nov 2nd voting is just around the corner.

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