Somerville Deadline Request Unanswered

After the shocking primary results to many in the city, and with the investigations inconclusive at this time, it is the general consensus that the Election Department needs more scrutiny according to staggering opinion across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Upon the request directly made to the Election Commissioner, of exactly how many absentee ballots were requested and issued for the upcoming general election, the unanswered question is still pending and unanswered.

A formal request from the Tauro Committee to provide an accurate number of absentee ballot requests was made by Campaign Manager Rich Scirocco. “The request is reasonable and could prevent the probability of another questionable result count.” stated Scirocco. ” We are only interested in the number of ballots, not what votes are cast, so, in reality, there should be no issues concerning disclosure or illegality “.

The unanswered request as to the proper handling of the thousands of primary ballots that went missing for a total of three and a half days before they were officially counted is part of the ongoing investigation into the mishandling of official ballots.
Prior to the Primary it was also officially requested that the description of how the handling of early cast ballots and where they were to be stored was unanswered by the Election Department. The several witnessed actions on election primary day were obviously an ignorance to morality and honesty of conducting an election above board by some election officials.

With just two short weeks left before a city altering change of a new Mayor is decided, one person, expressed his remarks of representing all people. William B Tauro has committed promises to an open door policy and has been the only candidate to provide solid feasible solutions to the current problems that overwhelm the city.
If you want results that protect the citizens then show up go up and write in William B Tauro for Mayor in the space provided on November 2nd . He is a man of his word and will fight hard for everyone in the city.

If you believe in Somervilles future, then vote William B Tauro for Mayor. To obtain morw information or write in stickers please contact Billy Tauro at 617 293 2016.
Remember that November is your chance to make things right! Vote Tauro.

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