Black Lives Matter Banner Coming Down at Somerville Inauguration Once Tauro’s Elected

The illegal action of allowing the dignity of an entire city of different groups of residents to be violated by placing a representing signage of one specific group on city property with no credibility or explanation of actions demands action.

A timeline of expiration has been stated publically indicating the removal of the sign that is currently decorating the deteriorating City Hall after the Election in November should the William B Tauro write-in campaign is successful.

There is a belief that the Black Lives Matter movement is divided and the true believers feel all lives should matter but specifically targeting this group gives a supportive boost. The moral support of the movement has been recognized and accepted by many different walks of life. However the outcry of the general citizens will no longer allow discrimination against other groups who do not support the movement, by allowing a sign on a public municipal building designed and designated for all to utilize.

It is not just time for a change, but it’s time for Somerville to clean up its act. Throughout the community, the immoral lines of discrimination and acts unbecoming true long term neighbors are an every day practice. Many feel that the inherited Somerville teachings of common courtesy and ethical actions are lost with the new residents that have insulted anyone and everyone that disagrees with their plans or opinions. Their aggressive tactics are not actions of good neighbors but, more of cyber bullies that have no moral compassion and demonstrate their true outcry for help by attacking anyone in their way.

Their opinons of a future see no room for compromise and handle their presentations with anger and aggressive actions of many levels. The understanding of the attempt to remove police presence from the community only demonstrates the devious thoughts that fume beneath the surface of these particular instigators.

Their power to manipulate focuses on the unsuspecting innocence of people that want to believe they are doing the right thing and moving in a progressive direction. They feel that they are above approach but in this life, no one is.

A stop to this division of behavior can only be solved by one action, write in William B Tauro for Mayor in this November 2nd election.

One thought on “Black Lives Matter Banner Coming Down at Somerville Inauguration Once Tauro’s Elected”

  1. Should never have been a sign put up to begin with. Racism has never been an issue in this community. If you read all the “DEI” candidates, you’d think it was the early 1960’s out there. What a joke.

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