Why Bother to Vote? Because Somerville’s Future is on the Line!

By Richard J. Scirocco

As a United States citizen, it is your right! It is a civic duty as a citizen to assist in deciding who will best represent the community for the betterment of all. It is an honest reason to display how you have faith to support someone you believe in.

Someone, that can do what needs to be done and represent yourself, family, and fellow neighbors.  Choosing one can be tough if you don’t know them personally. Rumor, smearing lies, and innuendo can be very misleading. When in doubt go with your common sense feeling.
Actions can sometimes speak much louder than words and give an accurate accounting of the worth of another.
In today’s society the changes are very difficult to keep pace with. Once you get used to a certain way of life or living , a small group declares their own right to passage, and it changes up the entire platform as it appears.  With the current election shedding some light on the objectives and subject policies, there has been one person answering the questions and providing the solutions to what has plagued this community for over a decade.
The two candidates running under social agendas,  have been in current elected terms displaying their true motives.  Common sense motivation is the way for the current ” write in” candidate named William B. Tauro. He is currently running on a write in/sticker optional campaign, to ensure that the votes that were mishandled at the primary election in September will not reoccur.  This simple action that takes very little effort is indeed a fact to motivate the voters into performing the extra effort to ensure a counted vote cannot be changed.
The two listed on the ballot, achieved by questionable means, this last election, which is under current investigation, have demonstrated nothing that benefits this city or represents the majority of its people. Their record of downzoning the low income housing guidelines from the current 20 percent reduced to 12 percent clearly shows where their true allegiances are for the multiple renters throughout the community. One of the candidates along with other councilors approved a tree ordinance to go into effect the very day after she abruptly approved dozens of large beautiful healthy trees removed from the grounds of a one acre private parcel designated to be cleared and become developed to house 90 units. Rumor of her husband being involved is still under investigation. The project was argued by the abutting neighbors and shut down temporarily unless she becomes elected to a higher position which can overturn the decision.  To top it all off, she then tries to fool everyone by acting as a top advocate for climate changes and ecological saving. The follow up is that the location is now a flood area during stormy weather. The other candidate claims that he will have his advisors run the city if elected. This is the same individual that was recently caught red handed abusing city owned property maximized for his personal use displayed in a publicized video. He then denied it publically and falsified information to try and back himself up but was called out on that also. He continued to try and claim that racism was the leading cause of the outrage but was never claimed by anyone except through his own merits.
There have been constant suspicions of their election choices, in support of impacted agenda items that were questionable. The pair have been a staple display of rubber stamp voting for the current administration. What would the next mayor elect have to gain is the real question?  The option is possible that they would continue to support the old administration that was too embarrassed to seek the reelection as a result of the exposure to alleged corruption activity. Or, another option is someone willing to correct the mistakes made by past administrative decisions. Someone willing to stand up, open up, and work arm and arm with all citizens and elected officials to provide balanced solutions.  Does the city need more, of the same dismantled roads and sidewalks for a small example, or the raising of taxes providing the same unanswered reasoning.  Unwanted ordinances that restrain homeowners hindering private sales. Disruption of commerce.  The problems that have been haunting the city for decades are still unresolved.  The tax has been paid continuously and the quality has not been provided to suit all.  The streets are still a mess, littered with obstacles, and projects unfinished long after the deadline of completion.  Flooding , infestation, still reoccurring with no end in sight under current rule. The administration records are clear and convincing supported by these so called eligible candidates, which are always available through City Hall for your examination,  to settle your own curiosity on how they have mishandled the problems plaguing this community.
If the people, want to make efforts to make the change, now, by their own hand,  we are asking everyone to perform a “write in”  William B Tauro or use the sticker bearing his name which will be provided at every polling station and in mail form, on the next mayoral election ballot November 2nd.
Otherwise the long term Somerville public is now facing the possibility of have one choice,  Socialists, with demonstrated communistic ideals currently running, or, taking a minimal three seconds to write in William B. Tauro as the new mayor. 
Most recently a declaration of a new Revolution party has shown itself being supported by a group of local residents. Their support of the violent actions of rioting and discriminatory venue has divided some neighborhoods to the core.  Their efforts have been to make attempts in laying a new foundation, that has worked for hundreds of years starting with our Constitution.   Neighborhoods are divided with not much ending in sight for live and let live. There will be a life changing, country changing election results this coming November 2nd.
Balance is needed in the success for any community. The future road of travel depends on this particular race. It is up to the voters, that are willing to participate in the current write in campaign for William B Tauro to set things right. He needs your support, to come out and vote. Once you come to vote, you can option to either  stick on the sticker which provides identification of who you want to vote in as the New Mayor of Somerville or write in William B Tauro.  Color the dot as you normally would do when voting for others, and submit your ballot. Change is needed so please come out to vote and remember William B Tauro.  Thank You for making the difference!

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