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By Richard J. Scirocco

After the concerns of the unaccounted votes in the most recent election, outrage continuously sparks throughout the city. The disbelief of the many elections witnessed, have many believing that every election skirts on the line of legal to illegal.

Leaving many grey areas to fill in.  This has frustrated the many voters that just want a clean election once and for all.  Bill Tauro was caught up in disbelief himself and hurt deeply at the shocking results on the primary. He is quoted as stating” I have opened myself up providing my personal contact information, and have given much over the years from my heart.  I am running now, to have the ability to help everyone in the community as the current administration has taken that access away and abused simple humaine rights of all especially in regards to the elderly that I have always held near and dear to me”. “I have solid solutions to these current problems that I want the chance to show people what can be accomplished.”
Each real vote should count.  Not missing or misplaced votes, not illegal votes, not people that have passed away that still appear each year as a voter,  but, legitimate hard working voters that take the time out of their life to exercise their Right To Vote!
What inspires an honest, above board, election to be conducted fair and with integrity? This question has no answer, although the argument of negative comments have been expressed for many years.
In the experience of voting life, I can recall only one election being required to demonstrate proper identification of proof of residency.  The common practice of absentee ballots is now the largest action of the current voting system that the process has ever performed in city history.  Coincidentally, it happens to be the most mysterious way to count proper ballots. Especially when the majority of them disappear for days only to have certain ones reappear on election day.  A great example is how early voting has been the main push from the election department that wants this done by the masses, pitching it out to the public to accommodate the laziness that has taken top priority.  If your out of town or the country , or unable to vote for health reasons , then it is proper to use this system. Otherwise,  it is of such great importance, that you cast your vote on Election Day to minimize the inaccurate counting that has been a past practice according to many observers.
“Idle hands are the devils work “. Along with time in between, it would only make common sense that mischief follows as we have suspected all along. Especially, given the track record of our current administration.
So I strongly urge all,  to come out on the election day, make the effort for the good of the community,  and take the extra three seconds to write in William B. Tauro in the space provided for our next Mayor.
His common sense approach makes  him the only person that can solve the cities problems with solid comprehensive solutions benificial to everyone.
It takes a simple effort to write a name and then color in the dot. Stickers for this particular election can also be used and, will be provided,  at each polling station on election day right before you enter into the buildings.  A massive mailer has been sent to every eligible voter whose name has been provided by the Election Department so if you did not receive anything in the mail explaining the process and providing the stickers for use then feel free to contact Billy Tauro directly at his personal number of 617 293 2016.
The Committee is very confident that this election will conclusively represent the peoples choice and elect William B. Tauro for Mayor. Observers will be in place around the clock to view the actions in and out of City Hall until election day.  The Committee will also be requesting an inspection to assure no lingering ballots have been hidden prior to the electoral process.  However, If needed the Tauro Campaign is prepared and has already committed to performing a recount to certify the true results if necessary.


  1. I believe he is the right one to be our Mayor for Somerville and What happened to showing I. D.? I was not asked and neither was my mom just like during the presidential election just tell them your address. This is ridiculous anyone can use anyone’s address. It’s disgusting and makes it easy to cheat!

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