Spreading Domestic Violence Awareness In Somerville

With domestic violence on the rise in the last year it is essential that action be taken. This month of October honors and brings awareness to the victims of domestic violence. Awareness + Action = Social Change, and this is exactly what Ms. Theresa DiPietro is hoping for through her tireless work as an advocate of domestic violence. Ms. DiPietro sponsored and hosted a Survivors Celebration Event Sunday morning, October 10th, at Renee’s Café in historic Teele Square in Somerville. Breakfast was served to all, paid for by a private donor.

Outstanding desserts were also provided, courtesy of Lynda Norton. Guests of honor include Survivors, community leaders, and Mayoral candidate, William Tauro.
Greta Hagen from Respond Inc., New England’s first domestic violence prevention agency and second in the nation, opened the event. Other speakers included Ms. DiPietro, powerful and moving testimonials from domestic violence survivors within the Somerville community, and statements of support from community leaders. Marisa Tauro, wife of William Tauro, shared her many years of experience, working to support victims of domestic violence in Brazil. Mrs. Tauro pledged to continue her work through supporting domestic violence victims in our local immigrant communities here in Somerville. Mayoral candidate William Tauro pledged his support, including the approval of funding to domestic violence agencies and future programs in Somerville. A special thank you to several Tauro campaign members who donated their time to make survivor pins, flowers, and other decorations for the event. Most importantly, a special thank you to those survivors of domestic violence for their bravery in speaking out and working to bring awareness, engaging our community in conversations about this issue, and giving a voice to those often suffering in silence.

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