Questions for Somerville Mayoral Candidates on the Ballots, Please Respond

By Arthur Moore

We have yet to hear a thing on what you will do for the handicapped and seniors in this city who have been restricted from businesses and and making it difficult to get in and out of their homes. I invite you to respond and let us know. I will make a statement explaining this.

I stood before you with a special meeting about the bike lane on Broadway. The lane blocked off access for the handicapped and seniors from gong to their nail salon and hairdressers and the Somerville retirement board. Also presented problem with seniors try to get in and out of their apartments on Broadway. The nail salon owner pleaded his case before you. I present over 2000 signatures to show support. To add to this the bike lane has seen very little use in these two years and certainly not enough to make the lives of those seniors and businesses a hardship. The letter from the ada about the problems of people trying to get in and out of their apartments was ignored by the city. And yet the two of you have sat on the council since then and I have yet to see any support for seniors and the handicapped and small businesses. I do not see any statements about correcting these problems for us. Since becoming a handicapped senior I find now that I am excluded from many things here in my own city where I have been here for over 70 years now. I invite both of you to make statements on your plans for us. We spent our lives here and want to remain here in the houses we worked hard for and had planned on spending our retirement here. The feeling I have and many others is the plans for us is to make this city unavailable to us forcing us to leave. The city obviously is making it only livable for agile younger people from what we have seen. I am anxiously awaiting your responses to this. If you do not choose to respond that will most certainly explain your position. I also had spent many hours on Broadway for many days at different hours to know the situation there. So I believe I am very expert on this being the only one to put the work into this. If you notice I did not ask Billy Tauro to respond as he has made it quite well known that he supports seniors and handicapped and small businesses so there is no need to ask him.

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