How To Choose The Right Somerville Mayor

Richard Scirocco

It is obvious that this will be a turning point in the social structure of this community.  What is needed is a strong willed, business savvy, common sense candidate to bring back commerce and balance to the city operations that has been evidently lacking. The same rhetoric has occurred for decades without change. The Somerville community has had too many patches and not enough completion towards the dozens of projects that eyesore the city. For the amount of money collected within the taxpayer base, citizens need better results than what they have been handed.

Taxpayers deserve a much more efficient service than what they have been given for years. The public should be focusing specifically on the last several years that two Councilors who feel they should earn their confidence to become Mayor.  They have rubber stamped the current administration and their records have been noticed. Out of one side they cry support and help the renters while on the other side of their own mouths, they approved the reduction from 20 percent to 12 percent for affordable rentals. They used their positions to benefit themselves and family members robbing the citizens of equality.  The differences between being hired to do a job,  and, something out of the kindness and thoughtful deeds from the heart, has no comparison in this particular race. One person has a solid plan to impliment and put into action on his first day in office.  The citizens need to seriously consider Tauro.
Bill Tauro, with his promise to maintain an open door policy, has already presented many needed solutions that he will hold true.  He will not defund the Police stating that they are a part of the glue that holds a society together. He also fears for the safety of all should one of his opponents get in. Specifically making a reference to the LGBTQ community. Billy feels that they have every right to express themselves freely but, without the police presence they will have little protection to express those very rights. The elderly will be left unprotected as well as all walks of life. The other three candidates have all made the same statement to defund Police. Potentially endangering the public without any solution. They have been making references to unwanted or unneeded sevices not even taking into considerations the ramifications should they become elected.
His confidence in promises made, will be accomplished, once the citizens allow him a chance to become the Mayor by voting on this coming September 14th.  Billy Tauro, as the one distinctive candidate,  for over ten solid years, has given to the community on so many levels. A true demonstration of his character by helping the homeless find shelter and giving a helping hand to the less fortunate, hosting elderly events , hosting a yearly Veterans cruise, and all out of the kindness of his heart, funded by the money from his own pocket. Never asking for recognition but simply doing the right thing that fabricates a society. No other candidate has lifted a finger unless they were paid for it. That is a fact that cannot be challenged. The quality of character between all cannot be compared. The clear choice who will address everyone’s concerns and issues that has been evident within the city is WILLIAM B. TAURO for Mayor! Don’t make the mistake of wasting your vote on September 14th. Vote Tauro First on the ballot and help Somerville get back on track.  Be open minded and cast your vote for the only common sense candidate William B. Tauro. First name on the ballot!

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