Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Paul MCGUIRE (Disorderly Conduct)

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, I, Officer Mackenzie Richardson, was in full uniform assigned to patrol area West 7 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 10:15 AM, I, along with Officer Chris Collette (West 6) were dispatched to 2 North Street, Mass Bay Veterans, for a male under the influence of alcohol who the staff wanted to leave.

Upon arrival, I spoke with XXXX, the front desk clerk, who told me that they wanted the defendant, Paul MaGuire, to leave since he had been drinking and that was against their policy as it was a sober home. XXXX also stated that Paul had displayed aggressive behavior toward the staff.

I spoke with Paul who admitted he had been drinking and said he would leave but claimed he was assaulted by a staff member and it was on video. I watched the video and it showed Paul being very aggressive toward several staff members. One staff member attempted to escort Paul down the hallway which is what Paul claimed to be the assault. While outside, Paul continued to yell that he wanted the staff member arrested and would not leave until this happened. Paul was advised of his rights but continued to be yell and be aggressive. Sgt. Steve St. Hilaire (Sierra 9) and Officer Dylan Lambert (West 5) arrived on scene and attempted to speak with Paul.

As we were outside the facility, Paul’s behavior provoked another resident into a heated exchange of words so much that they had to be separated. Paul was swearing and yelling throughout our time there. I would like to note there is a park next to this location where several children were playing. Many of the children seemed alarmed and started leaving after witnessing Paul’s agitated behavior. Paul wanted to re-enter the facility to retrieve belongings but because of his tumultuous behavior the staff would not allow it. I was able to gather a few items for Paul but he refused to leave without personally going back in the building. Due to Paul disobeying several orders to leave the property, the tumultuous behavior causing alarm to the public and Paul’s behavior provoking other residents, I arrested Paul MaGuire for:

272/53/F Disorderly Conduct

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Mackenzie Richardson #341

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