Corrupt Somerville Political Mentality Unbelievably Sad But Very True!

By William Tauro

The mayor and city council making pretend they care about drug overdoses, while one sat back when a Somerville Police Officer (his cousin Alex aka “Officer Oxi”)dealt drugs to high school students for years. One of those overdose deaths was a Somerville youth named Carlos DeMedeiros, who we all knew well and loved.

At the death scene Capobianco also phoned the police officer who was at the death scene actually standing over the body and asked the police officer to strip Carlos of the money in his pocket and the Rolex watch on his wrist as well. And Curtatone and his cousin Alex Capobianco got away with it!

And all the councillors including the other two (my opponents Katjana Ballantyne and Wil Mbah) remained totally silent when said police officer was in spotlight for many other crimes including drugs and ended up with a lifelong pension with their generosity on the taxpayer’s dime! And now this mayor has Mary Cassesso, his puppet running for mayor so he can continue to control the city through her as Joe, Sean O’donovan and Mary’s husband Peter Miller pull the strings and strip the fruits of Somerville’s wealth ever further for their own personal gain. This is all actually in my book, Stealing Somerville. You just can’t make this stuff up!

My opponents, Mary Cassesso, Katjana Ballantyne and Wil Mbah, these three are laughable at best. You mean out of 80,000 people in Somerville, Joe Curtatone couldn’t find three people to run that weren’t in my book? Unbelievable!

As mayor, these snuck-in public meetings at Somerville City Hall in the City Council chambers that allows certain special interests groups in that only lets people/residents/citizens/taxpayers speak only a total of 60 seconds will be a thing of the past! I will create meetings and make sure that everybody knows about it and not just a certain few. I will make absolutely certain that constituents, residents, everybody gets to speak the amount of time that they require to voice their opinions on anything and not be silenced by your Somerville City Council ever again! We as Citizens of somerville have that right and we will absolutely demand and enforce it!

SOMERVILLE’S OPIOID HYPOCRISY By Joe McCain (Somerville Police Lt. Ret.) | The Somerville News Weekly

SOMERVILLE’S OPIOID HYPOCRISY By Joe McCain (Somerville Police Lt. Ret.)

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