Somerville Fire Department Reminds Residents of Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Higher summer temperatures and dry weather bring an increased risk for fire hazards. To keep your household and neighbors safe, the Somerville Fire Department is asking residents to take steps to prevent fires and stay safe.

Here are some ways to prevent fires and staying safe:

Check batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they are working.
DO NOT use grills on porches, on any floor of your home. Grills should also not be used close to any buildings.
Fire pits and chimineas are prohibited in Somerville.
If you use air conditioners, be sure they are plugged into updated and secure sockets or surge protectors. Only plug extension cords into one outlet, and do not run cords under any rugs.
Avoid smoking on porches, or while sitting in bed or on couches. Make sure smoking materials are fully extinguished before stepping away. Use a metal container full of sand or water to completely extinguish smoking materials. Smoking materials should never be tossed onto the ground or into mulch.
Remove overstuffed furniture from porches.
NEVER clean with gasoline or store it in warm places.
Make plans with your household for evacuating in case of a fire and where you would meet outside.

Thank you for considering these important steps to help us ensure the safety of our community.

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