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Happy Birthday to Vincent Michael Mitrano, Aliana Oppedisano, Joelle Martin, Chris Lampropoulos, Kathey De Young, Helena Sebastian, Joanne Kent, Tony Pereira, Scott Macinnes, Ted Ryan, Sal Casparriello, Isabella Rotola, Karen Galvin, Steve Nocella, John Sullivan, Ron Bargoot, Michael Aiello, Dom Junior, Donna J. Clifford, Emily Yu, Joe Avakian, Katherine Cremin,

LJ Hart, Melinda Haley, Peter Stickney, Manuel Leal, Sean Winters, Susan Rogers, Timmy Gunter, Rita Lyons, Stacy Ann, Stacy Rogers, Susan Rogers, Christine Weston, Len Ferrari, EJ Frammartino, Joshua Avila, Emily Pierce, Helder Resendes, Robert Walker, Amanda-Lee Francey, Pat Fucey, Rae Lynn, Sean Donnelly, Darren O’Brien, Annmarie Griffin, Jennifer Cucinotta Strykowski, Leah Pennini, Dawn Rae, Patricia Morrison Shaughnessy, Johnny Pizzi, Paula Knibbs, Colleen Larrabee, Jay Flanagan, Tina Minson, Albert T. Primo, Edie Shea, Mike LaFrance, Doreen Donadio Cooper-Cobb, Mona Demartinis Provenzano, Marty Wells, Barbara Masci Mirabello, Patrick Barry, Julia Taliesin, Ambria Breen, Daisy Monsalve, Melanie Murray, Edward Tauro, Mario Resendes, Charlie Cappello, Jeffrey Harrington, Anthony Accardi, Bob Staffiere, Rob Ciampi, Barbara Zabriskie Williams, James William Junior, James Alcott, Barbara Favaloro, Daniel Cook, Ken Webber, Billy Dalrymple, Jen Oliveira (Ferola), Sean Winter, Bill Holmes and Heather Roderick

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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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