Letter from the Editor:Don’t Judge Me If You Don’t Know Me and What I Do for Somerville

By William Tauro

I received this following message/comment from a reader that posted on my William Tauro for Mayor Facebook. It reads as follows: “Still waiting for the knock in the door to speak to this so call “Life Long Resident”, have issues I want to hear what his plans are…. Drugs, crime, DPW issues, parking, Condo construction, parks, green space and a few others…informed a few of his supports and still he has not visited the home of this TRUE LIFE LONG RESIDENT!!!!

I received visit from a candidate herself and she got my vote just by being on my porch but this guy..NOPE. Driving around in his Hummer, is not getting my vote….very hard to believe he is for the city and against what the criminal Mayor Curatone stands for when he was involved with much of the criminal activity….he did write a book about it.
Please remember this is my thoughts and knowledge of what I know of this person, I have my thoughts until the person and the person alone changes my mind
Therefore, Mr. Turo….start walking and visiting homes of TRUE LIFE LONG RESIDENTS like me…would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss yout plans, ideas and the past of Somerville.”

My reply to this readers comment was as follows:

Denise, I’m very sorry you feel like that about me, but I am sure that you’re aware that there are over 80,000 homes in Somerville and that I am walking to all of those homes. I may have not gotten there yet, but I will be there soon. In regards to my Hummer, yes I drive it all around the city. I’m glad that it caught your attention so you must see the miles that I am putting on it every day distributing 2,000 lbs of free newspapers to the community such as to every senior and veteran who can’t come out on their own for whatever reason as a public service and for public outreach. I also spend my time in that Hummer distributing over 500 35lb boxes of groceries on a weekly basis to our seniors, our veterans and to our needy. I hope you are not just judging me on just the vehicle that I drive? I drive that vehicle because it does the job. So I hope that I cleared that up for you? Hopefully see you soon as I ring your doorbell. I’m sure possibly that another candidate did already ring your doorbell, but how many more doorbells out of the 80,000 people in Somerville has she not gotten to as of yet?

You can read more about my campaign and my platforms at http://www.williamtauro.com

Best regards,

Just in case you missed it, here’s my Outline for a Greater Somerville by William Tauro

My Outline for a Greater Somerville by William Tauro

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Don’t Judge Me If You Don’t Know Me and What I Do for Somerville”

  1. Denise. I gave Louise all the information when Bill first started to run . Also told her about food distribution and his upcoming meet & greet. As for the other candidates, I have even seen a piece of paper from!

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