Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Pershing REID (Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon, Possession of Dangerous Weapons)

On 6/16/2021, at 9:36pm, I was assigned to uniform patrol in unit West-7. Ofc. T. Lambert (unit West-6), Ofc. Buswell (unit West-5), and I responded to XX Barton St. for a report of a suspect that was trying to open a car door and displayed a knife to the reporting party. The suspect description fit the same from an earlier nearby call for smashed windshield and it is believed that it is the same suspect for incident #21030457

Ofc. T. Lambert was first on scene and encountered the suspect a Pershing B. Reid III. at the corner of Barton St. and Broadway. Officers spoke with the reporting party/victim XXXX,she stated that she had arrived home in front of XX Barton St. where she encountered Mr. Reid in the street appearing to attempt to direct or guide her to park in particular spot. Ms. XXXX was confused by the erratic behavior of Mr. Reid who is unknown to her. Ms. XXXX attempted to park across the street instead and that is when Mr. Reid approached her vehicle on the passenger side and attempted to open her car door that was locked. Ms. XXXX states that she was alarmed and fearful of Mr. Reid and yelled for him to get away. Mr. Reid made statements to open the door and lower the window. Ms. XXXX states that is when Mr. Reid retrieved a folding pocket knife from his pocket and began to open it. Ms. XXXX fearing for her safety drove off and called 911.

Mr. Reid was excitable and upon officers commands would not comply with keeping his hands out of his pockets. For officer safety I placed Mr. Reid in handcuffs and double locked them to prevent over tightening. A search of Mr. Reid’s pockets produced the folding pocket knife that was tagged into evidence. Mr. Reid made numerous verbal threats toward officers and at one point began to kick at officers. I requested the prisoner transport wagon unit 200 operated by Ofc. Desrochers. Mr. Reid was transported to the Somerville Police Department and booked in the usual manner by LT. Holland.

Mr. Pershing B. Reid III is being charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and violation of city ordinance for Possession of Dangerous Weapon.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Steven Scrugli (#348)

Somerville Police Department

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