City Council Overlook Somerville Public Safety Issues Over and Over

By William Tauro

I figured that I’d share this with you because seeing is believing!

These photos were taken this past Sunday afternoon on Central Street in Somerville during a rainstorm.

This is the same spot where I was talking about the dangerous fence situation that someone could loose control of their vehicles coming down the hill especially during excessive flooding and fall eighty feet (80’)onto the railroad tracks beneath.

I reported about the dangers about this roughly about two months ago and still nothing has been done about it. Apparently the mayor and the current city councilors really don’t care about public safety. It appears that they are more concerned about lining their own pockets with the taxpayer’s money instead and overlooking everything else when it comes to the Somerville residents and business community’s well being.

It’s time for change in Somerville! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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