Somerville Corruption Continues to Plaque City With Mayor and City Council

By William Tauro 

When is the soon to be former Mayor Joe Curtatone and his rubber-stamp accomplices Somerville City Councilors going to demand that their colleague Councilor-At-Large Will Mbah pay restitution by paying the taxpayer’s back the money that he swindled from them with his unethical use of a city tractor snowplow?

Councilor-At-Large Will Mbah was caught on video as he used that city owned equipment operated by a city employee who was ordered to plow out Councilor-At-Large Will Mbah’s own home driveway, sidewalk and his self-proclaimed on-street parking spot at the taxpayer’s expense all the while disabled Somerville seniors just staring in aww and helplessly just watched as it was happening before their very eyes while they were shoveling out their own sidewalks and driveways on their own. All of these Somerville City Council hacks think that they’re entitled and doing these very things every day when they want like they own the city on their own not thinking of the taxpayers financial burden that’s bestowed upon them. 
This is the same city counselor who is said to have conveniently and coincidentally/suspiciously won a lottery for a brand new affordable low-income housing unit that’s located at the corner of Vinal Avenue and Summer Street  that was quietly earmarked for him. Again they say that timing is everything because at the very same time Councilor-At-Large Will Mbah was served a notice to vacate his current apartment because his landlord doesn’t want to renew his lease. 

If you think this was all a strange coincidence, then I would like to sell you a bridge as well as sell you the paint to paint it with as well!

It’s time for change! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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