Somerville Welcomes Zaruma Coffee Shop

By Arthur Moore

It is pretty rough to start a new business even in good times sometimes. Never mind in the middle of a pandemic.

I certainly hope they do well and survive this. I hope that the city would lend a hand in helping them get going by putting the parking back in front of the building. There was parking there for many years without a problem. Coffee shops do get people that stop to grab a coffee to go and giving them the parking could possibly be a difference maker. So much of what the city has done has put a strain on small businesses and making it hard for them to survive if indeed they can. So how about it Somerville? A little good will for a change and help get a new business off to a running start? Or do we have to wait until we get a new mayor that cares about such things.

Zaruma Coffee Shop is located at 37 Woodbine St, Somerville, MA 02143

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