Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Emily MARTIN (OUI Liquor, Leave Scene of Property Damage)

On Saturday February 6, 2021 while patrolling area East-1 for the Somerville Police Department, I responded to 35 Franklin Street for a motor vehicle accident. East-4 Officer N. Moreira responded as back up.

While responding to Franklin Street I turned onto Perkins Street and saw a Mercury Grand Marques with significant front end damage that was disabled in the roadway. In the drivers seat was a female, later identified as Emily Martin. As I was driving towards the vehicle, I saw a male exit the passenger side, and flee down Florence Street.

Officer N. Moreira was at 35 Franklin Street speaking with the reporting party XXXX.

Ms. XXXX stated she had heard a loud noise while sleeping inside her apartment. She went outside to see what caused the noise and saw a large sedan that she described as a Crown Victorian type car, parked with a young white female and male standing outside of it. The two individuals seemed to be evaluating the damage of their vehicle. She stated that it appeared the vehicle that the two individuals were in had struck a parked vehicle and there was significant damage that she could see. Ms. XXXX stated that she heard the male party say the vehicle is still drivable and they got in and drove off taking a right onto Perkins Street.

Upon approaching the driver side window there was a very strong odor of alcohol beverage coming from the vehicle. Ms. Martins eyes were glassy and her speech was lethargic. In plain sight on the floor in the rear of the vehicle were two nips and a small bottle of alcohol. Officer N. Moreira asked Ms. Martin if she had been drinking and she responded yes. Ms. Martin stated she was involved in an accident and was driving to see if the vehicle would still operate. When I asked Ms. Martin about the individual who fled upon my arrival, she at first denied it, and then stated that her friends had left her. Ms. Martin continued to evade questions and would not provide information. When I asked for her license she stated she did not have it.

I asked Ms. Martin to step out of the vehicle, as she was doing so; she slightly staggered to the front of the vehicle and continued to lean against it. I asked Ms. Martin if she would be willing to perform field sobriety testing due to the suspicion of her being impaired. Ms. Martin stated she did not want to perform field sobriety testing. Ms. Martin was placed under arrest for suspicion of OUI Liquor.

Ms. Martin was transported by Unit #200 to Somerville Police Headquarters, where she agreed to take a Breath Alcohol Test. After completing the test, the results showed a blood alcohol content of 0.00%. Ms. Martin was released and was issued traffic citation #T1319273 and a criminal complaint will be file for:

90/24 leaving the scene of property damage
90/24I open container
90/11 not in possession of license

A wallet was found in the street approximately 15 feet behind Ms. Martins vehicle containing the ID of XXXX DOB XXXX with $195.00 USC and a debit card.Wallet was logged in as found property.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christine Bork #327
Somerville Police Department

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