Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Ricardo FIELDS (ABDW)

I, Officer Roger Desrochers, report the following summary of events based on direct interview with the persons named.

On Thursday, February 04, 2021, I, Officer Desrochers, was in full-uniform and assigned to E4, cruiser 184 and working in the East District for the Somerville Police Department when I was dispatched at about 23:07 with W5 Officer Lambert to 389 Medford Street for a report that a short black male who was wearing a black jacket and a black hat, just pulled a gun on a female.

Upon arrival dispatch informed units that the suspect was seen going into 400 Medford Street but wasn’t sure if it was into the door on the left which is the first floor or the door on the right which is the 2nd and 3rd floors. As I arrived with Officer Lambert we would learn that the Suspect later identified as (Ricardo Fields) chased a car on foot and then pulled a handgun and hit a male victim in the head 3 times. We would learn that XXXX the victim and his wife XXXX were at Temple The Voice Of God which is located at 389B Medford Street setting up for services tomorrow. When the were done they locked up and exited for the night. Mr. XXXX got into his car which was parked at the corner of Medford Street and Thurston Street. That’s when Mrs. XXXX Pulled up next to him to discus who was going to drive her mother home. Both cars were parked facing Thurston Street.

That s when Mrs. XXXX stated, that she saw Mr. Fields a small black male wearing a black jacket and black hat walking toward them. Mrs. XXXX stated that she doesn’t know Mr. Fields but knows that he’s always in the area and possibly drunk. She then told her mother to get into her car and informed her husband to lock his doors. That’s when Mr. Fields walked infront of Mr. XXXX car and then to his window, and began to bang on it. Not knowing what Mr. Fields wanted Mrs. XXXX told her husband to leave because she believed Mr. Fields was crazy. Mr. XXXX then drove off toward 400 Medford Street while Mr. Fields chased his car. Mrs. XXXX stated that when Mr. XXXX reached 400 Medford Street he stopped his car and got out to question what Mr. Fields was doing. That’s when Mrs. XXXX stated that she saw Mr. Fields punching Mr. XXXX in the back of the head several times. Mrs. XXXX then stated that Mr. Fields told her he was sorry and did not mean to do that and then went into the house.

Once she drove up to Mr. XXXX he would tell her that Mr. Fields pulled a small black handgun out and hit him in the back of the head 3 times. then went into the house.

After arriving at 400 Medford Street and learning that Mr. Fields used a handgun I called for more units and the Supervisor S8 Sergeant Anderson as Mr. Fields is well know to the Somerville Police, and has previous firearms charges on his record. I thought With Mr. Fields being on the 3rd floor and possibly in possession of a handgun we would try to get Mr. Fields to exit the home rather than going in to get him. I had responding units E1 Ribeiro, E2 Ducasse, E3 Khoury, W6 Sores, and W7 Collette move the perimeter back so we could block off Medford Street from Thurston to Sycamore Street. Once the perimeter was set Officers Ribeiro and Collette took position in he back of the house while all other Officers took positions at the front and corners of the house. I then began to call for Mr. Fields to come to the front door to speak with us. Mr. Fields began to peak out of the 3rd floor window on several occassions but would not come to the front door. A few minutes later Mr. Fields opened the front door was ordered at gun point by all officers in the front of the house to show us his hands. Mr. Fields displayed his hands to his side, then ran back into the home and slammed the door.

It was at this point S8 Sgt Anderson placed a call to have the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) called out to our location for a barricaded suspect. At that point Sergeant Rego who is a part of the NEMLEC team arrived on scene along with Detectives and made entry into the stair way of the house to try and communicate with Mr. Fields. After about 15 minutes Lieutenant Vivolo who is also a part of the NEMLEC team arrived on scene to assist. They were shortly joined by many members of the NEMLEC team as well as Deputy Chief Ward and Chief Femino. After about an hour of trying to speak with Mr. Fields NEMLEC made entry into the 3rd floor and placed Mr. Fields under arrest without incident. Do to the Mental Health concerns of Mr. Fields he was sectioned to the Cambridge Hospital where he is being further evaluated. Due to the above incident Mr. Fields was charged with the following charges.

265/15A/A A&B With Dangerous Weapon c265 s15A

It should be noted that D18 Detective Cicerone conducted a field single photo show up to Mr. XXXX who immediately said that’s him to the photo of Mr. Fields.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Roger Desrochers #337

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