Who’s Minding the Store at Somerville City Hall?

By Arthur Moore

Looking at the events of this past week is no one working for the taxpayers of Somerville anymore? We watched a council member get his sidewalk and driveway done by the taxpayers of Somerville. Unless something has changed that person is ignoring any response to this.

So this goes ignored until it goes away? Next we have the city at 25% opening while the rest of the state is at 40%. What does this say? Screw our small business! Go to another city if you want anything! Granted staying at 25% accomplishes two things. One is to hold back the small businesses from any chance of making a few extra dollars to keep going. The biggest thing it accomplishes and most likely the real reason is press for our monarch. I am all for being safe at this time in our country and these businesses are too. I need to be very careful for a number of reasons and if I go into a place and I do not feel 100% safe I turn around and leave. The restaurants and gyms are doing a great job. A great job is being done by many working together to get through this and to survive it. So who is minding the store? Obviously no one is. And I mean no one. We do not have anyone working with us and for us at this time. It is very clear. And some are taking advantage of this. There are some people critical of this newspaper. But just look around. Who is the only one reporting these things that need to be exposed. And to make it even worse for this newspaper they are true. We know that as proof has been shown. This is OUR city! We need to take it back and run it properly. This is the year to vote someone in to mind the store. Enough of this it has gone way too far. And this article hardly covers anything. There is so much more.

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