Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: I fear for my blind sister’s safety In Somerville

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

This is a photo of my sister who is blind and this is sadly how much the mayor thinks of everyone equal.

It appears that he only cares about himself! Even all of the signs on Cross Street are out of city but of state ordinance. What is sad that the state commissioner of the blind agreed as well. There is so much more that the mayor could do if you wanted to, but he doesn’t. I fear for those who are blind walking down Cross Street and God forbid they walk into the signs that they cant see! If they do it will possibly slash their head open if that happens! Sad that there’s no consideration! The mayor is wrapped up in being self-centered.

William “Billy” Tauro please get elected as mayor of Somerville and make that change!


One thought on “Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: I fear for my blind sister’s safety In Somerville”

  1. As for help with this in Somerville, forget it. Does not matter what handicap you have you will not get any help from the city. Even when the city gets notices from the ADA to do things it is ignored. This city is famous for ignoring. I know first hand. Your only chance is to not only get a new mayor but a complete change of city council. None of these people are working for the taxpayers of this city.

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