Somerville’s Heartless Snow Storm Help

By Arthur Moore

Once again another snow emergency called long ahead of snow. Forcing people to run outside and move their cars to a spot if there is one. Since Somerville insists on removing parking spots while at the same time we increase the amount of vehicles in the city this works out really well.

And with many people not even going to work due to the pandemic it adds even more misery to the problem. And again this year the school yards are padlocked so they cannot provide some relief even though they are closed. And another insult to the taxpayers is we pay for these parking lots out of our tax dollars. This would have been a great time for our leaders to show a little bit of heart and allow us to use our own parking lots paid for by us to make things a little bit easier on us during these unusually hard times.

It’s bad enough our city makes it so hard by being of no help to businesses here during this pandemic but also the taxpayers. This is the kind of lack of leadership we do not need here. We need to be working together during these times. Not being punished for some unknown reason.

The only good thing that will happen is when we finally put our new mayor into office we will finally get someone with a heart and a desire to help us rather than punish us and make our lives miserable. There has to be an end to this. This is not how it is supposed to work. And are we once again going to plow in the handicapped people while plowing the bike lanes?

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