HARDSHIP LICENSE (H 720) – Approved by the House only: Makes driving outside the terms of a hardship license the equivalent of driving with a license that has been suspended. The bill was filed in response to a 2007 court ruling in the case of a man who was convicted of drunken driving, received a hardship license and then was arrested for driving outside the hours the hardship license allowed.

The court ruled that even though the man’s license restricted the hours during which he was allowed to operate a motor vehicle, his license was a “restored” license within the meaning of state law and therefore he could not be charged with driving with a suspended license.

IMPOUND CARS (H 2993) – Approved by the House only: Amends a current law that allows for the impoundment of a vehicle if the incapacitated driver is under the influence of alcohol. The bill would also allow the impoundment when the person is incapacitated because of some other substance abuse.

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