FINES FOR INTERFERING WITH FUNERALS (H 3160) – Approved by the House only: Amends the current law that imposes a $50 fine or one-year prison sentence on drivers who interfere with a funeral procession.

The bill would eliminate the option of a prison sentence. Violations include driving between the vehicles forming a funeral procession; joining a funeral procession to secure the right-of-way; and passing a funeral procession on a multiple lane highway on the funeral procession’s right side unless the funeral procession is in the farthest left lane.

HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACES (H 1794) – Approved by the House only: Requires cities and towns to reserve five percent of on-street parking spaces for handicapped parking.

RAISE FINES FOR PARKING IN HANDICAPPED SPACE (H 2960) – Approved by the House only: Allows cities and towns to add $450 to the current $100-$300 fine for violations of handicapped parking. The funds would be used solely for funding and implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act on the city or town’s public property and in public buildings.

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