Somerville Villens Wanted to Run for Office

By Arthur Moore

It is time for the villens of Somerville to step up and run for office here. We need new council members. It is a part time job. All you need is common sense and a love for Somerville.

This is the year more than any other. If you have had any thoughts of doing this now is the time for action. You not only have to love the city but care about its people. Also care about how the city looks. As you can see it is pretty disgraceful now. Roads are all painted and stupid poles sticking out of the ground. Years ago we had a play on words here calling it Slummerville. We look more like that name now than we ever did. Let’s do something about it. At least try one term for two years and help make a difference. Let’s try to make this a nice city once again. Mr. William Billy Tauro is giving up a lot of money and his time to become mayor to help make these changes. Let’s not let him have to do this alone. We can help. Look around what has been done to the elderly and the handicapped in this city. It is a shame. Why do we have homeless people here if this city is so good? No need of it. Those of us who have been here for years help each other. So let’s get that back here once again. Your input and time is so very valuable now. You can make a difference. This is our best chance at taking back our city and making it nice once again. Run for council member. You are needed and wanted. So let’s back up Billy so he can do the right thing.

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