If You Witnessed This Assault on Somerville’s Prospect Hill Area Please Contact Somerville Police or Me

By William Tauro

I’ve received multiple reports from individuals who have witnessed another act of violence, an assault against another Somerville resident this past week on Somerville’s Prospect Hill area. People who may have witnessed the assault are afraid to come forward in fear of retaliation by the mayor’s family.

I’m hearing that Cosmo, Mayor Joe’s younger brother allegedly beat up a local landscaper on prospect hill this past Wednesday morning at around 11:00 AM. I was notified that the landscaper ended up needing serious medical attention after the assault, but is to frightened to come forward and press charges against the mayor’s younger sibling.

I heard that after the brutal assault that the mayor’s sister, the Middlesex County Registra of deeds Maria Curtatone who was alleged to be present at the time of the assault quickly intervened and ran her younger brother Cosmo into her house before the police arrived to avoid an arrest.

Cosmo is no stranger to police where he has been arrested multiple times and has been accused of beating up several people including his own family members which includes his ex-wife and elderly mother.

This individual has avoided prosecution multiple times via of being protected by his brother and sister and certain police officers who have closed a blind eye.

Anybody who has witnessed this assault on this landscaper, please contact the Somerville Police or me so we can pursue legal remedies to go after this monster once and for all and let justice be served and get him off our streets.

All calls phoned into me are handled very discreetly and always remains strictly confidential, but information about this assault is urgently needed.

I can be reached at (617)293-2016 or at Wmtauro@AOL.com

All calls will remain strictly confidential

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