By Bob Katzen

The Senate 9-30, rejected an amendment that supporters say eliminates a current contradiction in the law that allows some restaurants to open and others not to open based on what food is on the menu.

“This amendment allows restaurants to serve seated patrons without restriction or limitation or requirement as to which menu items are being served,” said the amendment’s sponsor Sen. DiZoglio. “Yes, we need to protect the public, and this does not remove Department of Public Health safety protocols. What the amendment does is give restaurants and pubs the ability to survive without arbitrary restrictions on what type of food and drink they serve. We affect their livelihoods with every action, or inaction, we take.”

DiZoglio said there was a pub in her district that obtained a food service license (serving sandwiches) for the purposes of qualifying as a restaurant but somehow this was not sufficient for the state to allow the pub to open. She noted she filed this amendment because of this confusion around what exactly qualifies as a restaurant.

Sen. Rodrigues said his arguments against the prior amendment on treating bar and pubs the same as restaurants also applies to this amendment.

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