Halloween 2020 In Somerville

By Arthur Moore

For a great number of years now I have enjoyed this little so called holiday as a fun thing for me. When I first started this dress up thing it was because I wanted to be outside to keep an eye on things as we sometimes had kids that like to get into trouble. Like one year our decorations were burnt down.

But it turned out to be a fun thing as I got to hold babies for picture taking and also little kids. Granted I got a couple who would not go near me but for the most part the kids enjoyed it. I wore these led clown shoes with lights that went on and off in different places and it fascinated the little ones as well as some adults. I got away from candy and started handing out toy items so I could say no cavities with these.

One big problem I had was I was not an expert in using a zipper in the back. I ended up needing help with that. Sorry to say I have to give it up now. Not so much the covid thing but because of mobility issues. Maybe if I can finally get the operations that were cancelled due to the virus I may be able to make a comeback.

It’s nice too when the older kids come by and they say they remember me. But I know I will miss doing this at least for this year. But play it safe everyone, please.

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