Letter from the Editor: Somerville City Council Demanding Mayor Curtatone to Come Clean

By William Tauro

Somerville City Councilors asking “What is Mayor Joe Curtatone Hiding” and demanding immediate answers as they now threatened to go to the Massachusetts Inspector General to inquire about the March 2020 DPW Police Raid as well as ”cut off complete funding to the Somerville DPW unless the mayor comes clean.”

Well it looks like that my Somerville News Weekly article that I published back in the beginning of March 2020 involving the Somerville DPW Raid by the Massachusetts Inspector General’s Office that was highly criticized was just proven true after all. The Inspector General Office’s raid on the DPW was regarding missing funds from the fleet department as well as in regards to the Somerville DPW overtime scandal.

All that I can say is that it was true and finally being taken seriously by our elected officials. I began reporting on this back in March 2016 and here we are in the end of October 2020 and it’s finally making the news as well as city counselor’s are finally asking questions.

The exposure of truth finally getting noticed during a Thursday October 22nd Somerville City Council weekly Zoom meeting, where City Councilors were inquiring on what Curtatone is hiding.

City Council President Matt Mclaughlin and Ward 2 City Counselor JT Scott shed some light by raising discussion on the matter labeled item #16 that is centered on Mayor Joe Curtatone, Somerville DPW Fleet Director Ron Bonny and one of their co-conspirators, the DPW Garage Foreman.

The accusations and discussion were centered on the raid and based upon the mishandling of city funds and the mishandling of invoices. Councilors also discussed professional mismanagement and possible arrests of city employees.

During the meeting, it was also mentioned that Somerville City officials are pleading the fifth on missing monies and that city counselors are also lawyering up with an agreed motion to have an outside counsel represent them as well for their own protection.

City Counselor Mark Neidagang mentioned during the meeting that there had been rumors in the local papers in the past which he always thought were rumors but now they may be correct.

The City Councilor also referenced that there were indications of financial and personnel mismanagement and the mayor displaying poor leadership as well.

Neidagang also stated in the zoom meeting that he wants to get to the bottom of this and he also noted that he wants the mayor to come clean. Neidagang is also threatening to cut the DPW budget to get the mayor to cooperate and tell the city council what’s going on as he has done in the past to threaten the mayor with DPW cuts to persuade him to come clean and cooperate.

In the video posted below with the direct link and time-slot you’ll notice the Somerville City Council appears to be stunned and amazed that they’re not being informed of what happen and what the mayor is hiding. One counselor even calling it speed bumps and an unexceptional chapter in the rule of law that’s raising serious concerns.

City Councilors even brought up the suggestion of subpoenaing the mayor and the administration to see what they are hiding and to support more aggressive action to uncover the truth of what took place.

Nobody from the mayors office including the city solicitor, city staff nor the honorable Mayor Joe Curtatone himself were anywhere to be found and conveniently were missing from the meeting. Somerville City Solicitor Frank Wright was later called in and joined in on the meeting.

Time for change in Somerville is here to end what has been here so long, the past 18 years of Mayor Curtatone’s reign of corruption!

It looks like I just got elected! 😝 It’s in the Book!

Please check out Thursday night’s video Zoom meeting for yourself and refer to item resolution number #16 on the “Unfinished Business” from video time slot. (3:00:32)-(3:50:46)

Watch the video hear the entire discussion by clicking on the link below:

Video Outline – City of Somerville, Massachusetts

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