“I’m With Billy” Elect William “Billy” Tauro Mayor of Somerville 2021

I have not posted much but writing the Somerville News Weekly I do keep on this. But with Mr. Tauro running for mayor which he will most likely win we will finally see some common sense brought back here. There are things we need to do for the future if we can but is not always a sure thing.

Right now with less people on the road due to the virus we are having traffic problems which would not exist but due to poorly implemented programs to force people not to use cars. We have rights too. And those of us that have no choice but to use cars in our work should not have to be subjected to this. No more than what it is doing to the senior and disabled population of Somerville.

We can work this out with good common sense and every one working together. Not being run by just one person but all the people. The one person is supposed to be working for us as we are the employers. This is our chance. Bill is already way ahead in the polls. It shows that people have had it with no representation here.

There also is others who need to go. Brad Rawson, Mark Niedergang and Jesse Clingan. As for others in the circle that have the job there I do not know them well enough. But since I have seen no sign of help from them I can only assume they don’t care either.

It’s sad as we only had one person I knew of that was helpful and she had to leave and left us with a replacement we could have done without very well. So let’s stand behind Bill and make sure we get a mayor for the people. I think we all have had enough of living under a dictator.

Arthur Moore

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