Reality Bite’s Response to William Tauro’s Article: Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Curtatone the Beat Goes on, But Ending Real Soon!

The answer to why nothing has been done to expose this worthless low life mayor—- GREED!!
All he had to do was jack up all our homes to artificial prices and sit back and watch the frenzy. Not only did our own locals sell and move away, but worse, the out of town yuppies bought and flipped thousands of condos, forcing our city to become unaffordable! They used the proceeds to by single homes off RT, Lexington, while the pols lied and said they were planning to raise families here. All BS! After that soccer camp fiasco, no yuppies in their right mind would move here
That’s how it began.

But now the tide is turning. The newcomers, many have realized the big scam they are running in our city. There should be laws against local politicians owning millions of properties which they oversee as mayor, registrar, etc. It screams CONFLICT OF INTEREST and should be punishable at the very least by forced resignation or being fired and heavily fined/forfeiture.
Many towns do not operate this way. They provide assistance to their elderly and poor. The former alderman razed a home belonging to an elderly couple, built 3 condos on the site off Mystic Ave., some years ago. The couple was placed in separate nursing homes, sadly they died a month later. This is outrageous and unforgivable. We should have a fund specifically in place to help our elders remain in their homes. Instead, the mayor hires his friends, donors children, developers relatives to work BS jobs because who else would vote for him! Not us! Term limits not only for these worthless criminals but also for those who protect these rotten scumbags!

Click on link below to read original article: Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Curtatone’s Crimes, the Beat Goes on, But Ending Real Soon! 

Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Curtatone’s Crimes, the Beat Goes on, But Ending Real Soon!

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