Colarusso Campaign Release for Medford

Republican Congressional candidate Caroline Colarusso has issued the following appeal to the White House regarding the human rights violations, war crimes and bombings of innocent civilians in Armenia and the Artsakh Republic.

“I am urging President Trump to immediately address the human rights violations taking place against Armenians by applying targeted sanctions under the Global Magnitsky Act,” stated Colarusso. The United States must immediately halt all military and economic aid to Azerbaijian and Turkey.

Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan said on Twitter that the “Shushi Holy Savior Cathedral has been deliberately bombed by a savage aggressor. Azerbaijan with the direct involvement of Turkey and international terrorists, including ISIS, continue to target civilians, destroy infrastructure and reveal the depth of their barbarity by destroying holy sites. This is an affront to humanity.”

War crimes are being committed such as willful killing of innocent Armenian civilians and targeting schools, and homes. The US can and must address violations of the Geneva Conventions. These crimes are being committed in coordination with Turkey and jihadists from Syria and elsewhere.
Under the Global Magnitsky Act the White House can apply sanctions to foreign officials who engage in serious human rights abuses. The United States must remain the standard bearer when it comes to international human rights violations. Too often Christians have become targets all over the world.

The US plays an important role in peace in the world and must use tools such as the Magnitsky Act to deter those who perpetrate human rights violations. The Global Magnitsky Act is designed to preserve and protect human rights and gives the Executive branch power and authority to sanction foreign officials involved in violations of human rights. It can be broadly applied to immediately freeze bank assets and deny entry into the United States.

In turn the Act allows for foreign governments to partner with the United States and improve their internal accountability structure which demonstrates a sincere commitment towards advancing human rights.

The Act is named after Russian accountant Sergei Magnitsky who was tortured and denied medical attention directly resulting in his death in a jail cell in Moscow. Magnitsky a whistleblower was targeted for exposing tax fraud that involved prominent government officials.

You may reach Caroline Colarusso by phone at (781)438-5720 or on her webpage at

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