Interview with Jaylie Jo Wayling

Jaylie Jo Wayling
Director: AS IT IS video
A Joe Viglione Interview

The first official video from the new booklet/CD Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter #21 is “As It Is” from the duo Karmacar, Track #3 on the new compilation.

We interviewed the filmmaker on her production of “As It Is” as we launch an online video compilation of the album.

Q: How did you choose “As It Is” with all the songs Karmacar has in its repertoire?

A: “As It Is” was the newest addition to the upcoming album and we felt it was the best song to capture the essence of Karmacar.

Q: What theme did you want to convey with your camera?

A: I wanted to create a theme surrounding nature as Heidi and Nic enjoy walking through London parks and taking in the surroundings. We thought it was important to display a spur of the moment adventure.

Q: What equipment did you choose for taping/filming and then editing?

A: For filming we had a basic set up in order to be able to move location quickly. I used my personal DSLR: Canon 1300D and it was later edited by Nic.

Q: Who chose the location?

A: Golders hill park was a place we were all fond of and we collectively decided that it would be a perfect place to create a beautiful vibe for the music video.

Q: Were there discussions on wardrobe and makeup?

A: Heidi and Nic chose their own outfits which they felt reflected them best.

Q:I love the intro where singer Heidi-Jo is wearing something matching with the flowers, and the make a wish dandelion. Was there a storyboard written?

A: Everything filmed was spur of the moment, as I like to let the location inspire each shot I take and let my imagination run wild. When walking, we found a patch of dandelions and instantly wanted to find a way to incorporate them!

Q: The music and lyrics are by Nico Barchiesi & Heidi Jo Hines. Recorded and mixed by Nico Barchiesi & Heidi Jo Hines at home using a Yamaha AW16G audio recording workstation. How did you match up the audio to the video?

A: Nic managed to match up the audio using a software on his computer.

Q:The camera work is amazingly steady. Is it all hand-held or did you use a tripod?

A: Most of it was filmed handheld! It was difficult to find smooth ground in order to place the tripod but we made it work.

Q: You are the granddaughter of Jo Jo Laine and Denny Laine. I know Jo Jo would be so proud of you for such quality work. What are your future video plans?

A: Aw I appreciate that, I hope she would be! I hope to create more music videos with Heidi and Nic as I am excited to explore the narrative behind some of their songs. I am also currently working on creating some short films. I’m really enjoying experimenting and building my skills.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

A: If you want to listen to some beautifully serene and vibey music during these difficult times make sure to check out Karmacar on Youtube and Facebook and your stresses will melt away. Sending love to you all!

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