Preparing for Winter on the Cheap the Somerville Way

By Arthur Moore

I see we have the crews running around repainting all the red sidewalk crossings. It’s nice to see we can do this before all the snow and ice and salt hits so we can mess it up and have to repaint it again. Of course it’s not like we can’t find the crossings anyway.

We just have so much extra money to get rid of would be the obvious conclusion. It’s not like they couldn’t wait until Spring to do them. Plus the red and yellow paint they use if that’s what you want to call it could not be any uglier. Maybe we could have saved some money and waited. Help some of the people having problems getting by with the covid problem.

People need to feed their families more than they need paint on a street. Or we could have donated it to the homeless so they could have a bed and a meal. They have a shortage of help. What we don’t have is a shortage of red paint. The amount of painting on the streets here has gotten out of hand. It is hardly needed as most anyone can figure it out. It is more of an insult than anything else.

This city needs to work on saving money on wasteful projects and start using it to help the taxpayers in this time of need. The whole country has had to go further in debt as it is to help people get by. And still people and small businesses are being victimized by this wasteful spending.

Smarten up Somerville. Normal people when they have less coming in tend to cut back and make ends meet, not spend more. It’s time to get some help in the city with how to manage money. I know I am in ward four and I have no one here representing us to try and help. So as usual the taxpayers are not represented as usual.

In another year we need to change that. It’s time to move ahead and get some leadership here for the PEOPLE!

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