“Life, Loss & Love ~ Poems of Prayer and Promise”

Laurie Luongo, formerly of Somerville, has published a new poetry book and we would like to introduce you to “Life, Loss & Love ~ Poems of Prayer and Promise”. This book was almost 50 years in the making.

You see, Laurie and her best friend from childhood, Lucas Angelastro, started writing poems as teenagers. In 1976, they vowed to one day publish their works. Over the years, life went on, Laurie relocated all over the country for her job and Lucas continued writing. After spending almost 40 years in a wheelchair as a paraplegic, Lucas lost his life in 2002. After he died, Lucas’ mom sent that old and tattered manila envelope full of Lucas’ poems and some of Laurie’s, to her. For almost 15 years, the envelope remained in one of the many boxes of items that Laurie would one day get to. In the meantime, Laurie put “publish poems” on her bucket list. Her mom died of Alzheimers’ in 2017, after whch Laurie started writing and then published her first non-fiction book in 2019. At that time, she decided to compile and arrange the poems and writings of hers and Lucas and honor the vow to publish them. It is a work of love dedicated to Lucas who was a gifted writer, guitar player and song-writer. It is the story of true friendship, love, loss and promise.
The book is available on Amazon.com. Please support a Somerville native and enjoy the poems of Laurie and Lucas!
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