Celebrate Feast of Fatima In Medford Sat Oct 10th

On Saturday, October 10th, at 12 noon a group of locals will gather at the front entrance of the Medford City Hall to celebrate the anniversary of our Lady of Fatima.

This Catholic Feast Day will be celebrated throughout the United States at over 17,200 locations as well as in many other countries around the world. Mrs. Helen Mantini of 99 RiverSide Ave, Medford will be in a chair person at this event.

“The celebration will be held in a public area where participants will recite the Catholic prayer, the rosary, for peace for all in our country,” stated Mrs. Mantini. The public is invited to participate in this yearly celebration which has been held since 2007. At this gathering, prayers also will be made for the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

For additional information, contact:Helen Mancini, 781-391-5423

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