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Taxi Rides
Do you need a ride?
The COA has a new program just for you.
Taxi Rides for Somerville Residents 60 and Over
Rides can be used for:
Grocery Shopping in Somerville
Pharmacy Prescription pick up in Somerville
Routine Medical Appointments in the follow areas:
Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Boston or the V.A. in Jamaica Plain or West Roxbury
Two Days Advanced Notice Required
For more information please call Connie Lorenti at 617-625-6600 ext. 2319

Mask Pick Up

The COA has masks available for Somerville residents who are 60 and over.
If you are still in need of a mask or may know of a friend or neighbor who may still need a mask, you can pick it up at our Drive -Thru location
Ralph & Jenny Center​ 9 New Washington Street
Monday, October 5th​​​ 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
If you have any questions, please call 617-625-6600 ext. 2300

Music and Movement Enrichment with Steve
Thursday October 15th at 10:30am
Join Steve as he plays guitar, sings and leads gentle movements. Just tapping your toe or singing along can help move your body in new ways. Being physically active is not just good for our bodies, but it is also one of Mental Health America’s 10 tools to building resiliency; or the ability to overcome obstacles and manage through tough times. Physical activity can improve sleep, increase energy, decrease some kinds of pain, boast our immune systems and lower the risk for stroke and some cancers. It also helps to reduce our anxiety, depression, stress and tension. Join Steve as he shows us that exercise can come in all different forms and movements.
Please RSVP to Debby Higgins, Outreach Coordinator at or 617-625-6600 ext. 2321. You will then receive your email invitation to join the program via ZOOM.

“Music and Munch” Program
Wednesday October 14th & Wednesday October 28th at 12:00pm
Why not pair your lunch with a celebration of music? This 45-minute session via Zoom will treat you to a playlist of diverse musical offerings: a little jazz, some “oldies but goodies,” a smidgen of classical, a dip into barbershop, a trip to Broadway. The music is taped but the experience is live. Your guide is Somerville Resident, Laura Zoll, trained as a medieval musicologist and with a life-long love of all things musical. Your preferences will help shape the session. Learn a little, sing-along, relax and enjoy some Music while you Munch.
Please RSVP by Tuesday October 13th @ 12:00pm for October 14th and by Tuesday October 27th @ 12:00pm for October 28th to Debby Higgins, Outreach Coordinator at or 617-625-6600 ext. 2321. You will then receive your email invitation to join the program via ZOOM.

Join our Email Lists
If you would like to receive a virtual copy of our monthly newsletter and daily tips please contact Maureen Bastardi at 617-625-6600, ext. 2335 or email Maureen at
If you would like to become part of our Google Group please contact Debby Higgins at 617-625-6600, ext. 2321 or email Debby at

Stay connected via our Facebook page – often updated by Debby or Maureen. Informative, entertaining, lots of photos and updates. Visit our page at

Social Services
Friendly Caller Program
Looking for a way to practice social distancing but still remain connected to other people? Look no further than the Somerville Council on Aging’s Friendly Phone Caller program. We have many wonderful volunteers who are waiting to give you a call. Whether you are looking to make a new friend or would just like a friendly chat to look forward to every week, this program has you covered. Call Natasha at 617-625-6600, ext. 2317 to learn more about the program and to sign up.

Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness Event October 13th

On October 13, 2020 from 11:30am-12:30pm, the Somerville Council on Aging will be partnering with Roberta Robinson from the Cambridge Health Alliance to talk about taking COVID-19 one day at a time. Each month, Roberta will be hosting a monthly Mental Health Awareness event. This month we will discuss how COVID-19 has changed our lives and how we can persevere during these difficult times. Roberta has amazing tips and tricks on how we face COVID-19. This event is part of a Mental Health series, in which Roberta will discuss a wide array of topics such as loneliness and isolation. To RSVP, please call Natasha Naim at 617-625-6600 ext. 2317 or e-mail her at

Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment Begins October 15th

Open enrollment starts this month. Once a year, from October 15th to December 7th, Medicare recipients are able to change their health insurance plans; changes take effect on January 1st of the following year. While having the freedom to change your health insurance plan can save you money, there are many health insurance plans and companies to choose from. You don’t have to make the decision alone, the Somerville Council on Aging has SHINE Counseling available over the phone or on Zoom to assist you with finding out what health insurance options are available for you. You can call Natasha at 617-625-6600 ext. 2317 to book an appointment.

Exercise Schedule
Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. = Fit-4-Life Zoom exercise
Thursdays 1:00 .p.m. = Fit-4-Life Zoom Exercise
Thursdays 6:30 p.m. = LBT Fit-4-Life Zoom Exercise

Somerville City Cable
RCN = 13/Comcast = 22
The Fit-4-Life Exercise Show = Daily at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Fit-4-Life YouTube
Fit-4-Life Exercise Video # 1:
Fit-4-Life Exercise Video #2:
Fit-4-Life Exercise Video #3:

Yoga YouTube
Yoga with Janine video #1 =

For questions or to register for a Fit-4-Life Zoom exercise class, please contact Chris at or call 617-625-6600, ext. 2315

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