Exodus, the Somerville Version

By Arthur Moore

Over the last few weeks a number of people have contacted me about their making plans to move out of Somerville. The silliness this city has done in the last year is the last straw for putting up with the stupidity of the city catering to 5% of the people and making life miserable for the rest of us. Some of these people bought their house when it was new a very long time ago and planned a lifelong plan of living here until the end.

But now that the city has taken away things like being able to go to places that provide services they use have removed parking so they can no longer access them. A few have trouble gaining access to their own homes for the same reason. Now that not as many people are going to work finding a place to park has become a real hassle as many people grab a spot or don’t use their vehicle so they don’t get a ticket. Because when we need more parking the city takes it away. These people who loved the squares here find that now they are off limits to them.

Getting older here and having any kind of physical disability means they are now excluded from the things they liked here. Going up to city hall I get complaints that with so many of these dumb shared streets by obeying them it takes up to 35 minutes to go there from Winter Hill. It has become an unbearable place to live.

The problem is with so many looking to go to the suburbs now combining with people leaving because of the covid has made finding a new place difficult. And I can assure you many are looking and trying. A number of people are trying for the South shore and many for Southern NH. Houses go up for sale there and many times in the same day they are gone. People want out of here. This is happening now. The powers that be have made this into a very undesirable place to live. They keep implementing things that are making it worse for the majority of the people.

On my street alone 6 families would be gone if they find a house now. Those are only the ones I know that want out of here and are ready to move out. And I am hearing from more every day that are deciding it is no longer worth it living here.

By this city stealing ideas from other cities that may work there they just dump it here with no clue what to do with it. We do not have the people with expertise to do this. And to add insult to injury when one of these ideas are put into use and then it is found not to be any good it does not get corrected. Instead we add more bad ideas that don’t work and screw it up all the more.

I am watching across the country as these plans they are putting into use here now are being reversed due to the fact it does not work. We don’t have the quality people to run this city like years ago when our leaders had common sense and vision.

Looking back in time we do not have the great leaders like Donovan who had great vision and made it a great city for everyone. Not just for a few. I don’t know if it is even possible to make Somerville great again. We need to take back our city NOW and put it in the hands of capable leaders.

3 thoughts on “Exodus, the Somerville Version”

  1. Do not leave when this guy gets his ass kicked to the curb Somerville will be free again. There will be Veterans Parades, fireworks, streets repaved, sidewalks repaired, safe municipal buildings, parks open, restaurants open, clubs operating, schools active and ALL LIVES WILL MATTER ALONG WITH OUR POLICE FUNDED AS NEEDED.

  2. Arthur not to worry when the Emporer gets kicked out of city hall while he looks for a new job. He will understand the pain of get run out of town.

    His ego thinks he can run State wide whether Governor, AG, or even a coat carrying mission if Biden gets elected.

    Its pretty sad but that’s how politicians operate today and I mean politicians. Not like those elected in the past who truly worked for the middle class along with those in need.

    Its about media attention not about the purposes of those that elected them. Addressing the real problems in the city gentrification, poor streets and sidewalks, eroded infrastructure, deteriorated public buildings, excessive costs and more.

    This guy keeps trucking thinking everyone loves him wait his turn is coming sooner than he knows. Harvard did not what him, we don’t and I find it hard to believe anyone else does unless its political payback or his s developer buddies.

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