By Bob Katzen

This bill allows a family member to be the paid caretaker for a member of the family with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) received while in military service.

“Having suffered a moderate TBI just before my redeployment from Afghanistan in 2012, I became familiar with the needs of those who were injured much more severely, and the needs of their loved ones,” said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Hank Naughton (D-Worcester). “Caring for a family member who suffered a TBI while in service to our nation and keeping that individual in the home deserves as much support we, as a state and society, can possibly provide.”

“This is a subject that definitely needs continued conversation and attention,” continued Naughton. “Although I will not be serving in the House’s next legislative session, I am confident that my colleagues will continue to provide our changing veterans population with tremendous support and attention, including the subject of traumatic brain injury.”

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