The Mindless Way to Not Reopen Somerville

By Arthur Moore

I am focusing on BE Yoga to show why the leadership here is nonexistent and has no common sense. My wife loves this place and goes there on occasion. These people worked hard to start it up from Wesley Park to Somerville Ave. They work hard and get very little for that. While other cities have been helping places open up, here in Somerville they are doing nothing to help. Other cities have been doing outdoor Yoga stuff for weeks now with zero problems due to the nature of the type of exercise it is. Somerville gets the big idea they want to charge them to do this by making them buy permits. Great! They have had no income for a long period of time but still have to pay for a place of business. You would think that just having some people do yoga in a field is not really such a giant problem. No, they have held these people back for weeks now and still won’t let them open. They have made sacrifices and bought what they needed to make this work. No one has had a problem doing this anywhere. So why are these people being persecuted? Never mind other businesses that could be safely open. This is so wrong of our city. Now we send the people of Somerville to another city which does have a problem like some near us only that maybe they might bring it back here. Instead of opening here and making sure it is safe. Small business owners are more than willing to go overboard on being safe just for a chance to survive. Like many here with no jobs hoping to go back to work. They don’t want to lose everything either. Working with the info we have on it now I am sure our businesses will do a good job and also as we learn more about the virus make changes and adapt. Small business are great at that. The gyms my wife goes to not only keeps people apart they double clean everything. And they cut out anything that may post a problem. Restaurants have been doing a great job. I saw nothing that might be a hazard. I have watched this mayor in his way of doing this has only gotten him to be in the news. Nothing said that does anything for the situation. Lots of talk and no substance. Of course him and the round table are getting their pay regardless of the fact other people are not. So it obviously it matters little to them by their lack of concern. I am not saying just open up everything in two minutes or being unsafe. But much could have been done and should have. I also think we should have a back out plan should things change. In my 70 plus years here I have never seen anyone with such a lack of leadership skills but somehow still retains his office. This would be the time to have someone like Donovan for a leader. Who actually was the best and we desperately need a clone. Time for the mayor and the round table to stop dilly dallying and get with the program.

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