Somerville Pole Dancing, Keeping People Employed

By Arthur Moore

While going out this morning I saw the pole that is put into the middle of the street that gets knocked down usually in the first 24 hours after it is put up being replaced. At first I thought these completely useless but have since changed my mind. I can see where they help keeping people employed trying to replace them as fast as they are knocked down. I say trying as there are far more than they can possibly handle and keep up with. Let’s face it, putting up a silly plastic pole in the middle of a busy street accomplishes zero. Or so I thought. Maybe it gives people something to aim for? I know the police, fire department and rescue have no time for this foolery. Two people come to replace this plastic pole in the street, one does the work and the other watches. So the one thing I do not know is if there is more than one crew doing this? I don’t see that one crew can possible keep up with pole replacements. This week they only came twice to replace the pole which has such a short life span. They would need to do this on a daily basis or twice a day to replace them. So I guess it does accomplish keeping people employed as it is a very secure job as they will never run out of work. I am so glad Somerville has all this extra money to spend on useless things. Does this mean Somerville won’t have to raise the taxes now that we have so much to waste?

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