On 08/03/20, myself and members ATF Group 6 were conducting an undercover operation in the area of the Mystic Housing Development in the City of Somerville. This operation was the result of an ongoing investigation into an individual who has been identified as Tevon NGomba. During the course of this investigation, Mr. NGomba was identified as being involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics. In furtherance of this investigation, ATF Group 6 has purchased what they believed to be Fentanyl/Heroin from Mr. NGomba within the last few weeks.

09:50 A.M. surveillance was initiated in the area of Temple St. and Sydney St., in the City of Somerville. ATF Group 6 had negotiated a transaction with Mr. NGomba for the purchase of a semi-automatic pistol and surveillance was setup in anticipation of that purchase. The negotiated price for the purchase of the firearm was $1500.00. While positioned on Temple St., I observed a Black Acura bearing MA. Reg. XXXX arrive and park on Temple St. opposite Sydney St. I then observed a tall black male wearing a white T-shirt with an American Flag design and dark colored jogging pants exit the passanger side of the vehicle. This individual who was later identified as Mr. Tevon NGomba proceeded to cross the St. and walk down Temple St. towards Mystic Ave. Mr. NGomba did not appear to have anything in his hand and was observed using his cell phone as he walked down the sidewalk. Upon approaching Mystic Ave, I lost sight of Mr. NGomba. Surveillance units in the area were able to identify and maintain a visual on Mr. NGomba as he walked down Mystic ave. and proceeded right onto Taylor St. He then walked up Taylor St. to Sydney St. Mr. NGomba was at that time observed entering a Grey Volkswagon which was parked on Sydney St. I would like to point out that the position of the vehicle that Mr.NGomba arrived in was directly across from Sydney St. Mr. NGomba proceeded to walk around a whole city block to arrive a vehicle that was only a few hundred yards away had he proceeded directly down Sydney St. Based on my training and experience, this is a tactic that is regularly used by individuals involved in the illegal drug trade in an attempt to identify surveillance being conducted by Law Enforcement.

Mr. NGomba remains in the Grey Volkswagon for several minutes before exiting and proceeding up Sydney St. towards Temple St. He then returns to the Black Acura and is observed going into the trunk. Mr. NGomba retrieves a small white bag from the trunk and goes to the passenger side of the vehicle. He is then observed placing the small white bag on the passenger seat and leaning into the vehicle. Mr. NGomba is then returns the bag to the trunk and is seen holding what appears to be a white t-shirt in his hand as well as a small towel draped over his shoulder. Mr. NGomba closes the trunk and heads back down Sydney St. where he once again enters the Gray Volkswagon. The Grey Volkswagon then goes mobile proceeding around the block onto Temple St. The Grey Volkswagon proceeds to the corner of Temple St. and Memorial Rd. where Mr. NGomba exits the passenger side of the vehicle. Mr. NGomba then walks back to the Black Acura which is still stationary at its original location. Mr. NGomba is at this time observed to not have the white T-shirt or towel that he had carried down Sydney St. Mr. NGomba arrives at the Acura and opens the passenger side door but does not get in. Mr. NGomba is then observed to frantically start patting down his pants pockets. Mr. NGomba then takes off at a full run heading down Temple St. towards Mystic Ave. leaving the passenger door to the Acura open.

Based on the fact that Mr. NGomba was believed to be in the area to conduct and illegal sale of a firearm, his long walk around the block for no apparent reason and his two short visits to the Grey Volkswagon, I believe that Mr. NGomba conducted that transaction with the individual in the Grey Volkswagon. The decision was made at that time to approach Mr. NGomba as he ran down Mystic Ave. Subsequent to the stop of Mr. NGomba by ATF agents, myself and TFO George Karelas approached the Black Acura. Sitting in the drivers seat of the Acura was a female who was later identified as the owner of the vehicle Miss. XXXX. Miss XXXX was at that time ordered to exit the vehicle. She was then informed of the ongoing investigation and read her Miranda Warnings by Trooper Jennifer Penton. Miss XXXX was asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and she responded ” I don’t know, not that’s mine”. Miss XXXX was then asked by Trooper Penton and Agent Ryan Griffin if she would consent to a search of her vehicle. Miss XXXX verbally consented to the search and also signed a Somerville Police Department “Consent to Search” form.

Trooper Penton and Agent Griffin conducted a search of Miss XXXX vehicle. Upon opening the trunk, Trooper Penton observed several bags. A further search of on of those bags revealed a black and silver handgun which contained 3 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. The magazine was seated into the firearm at the time of its discovery. Closer observation of that firearm also revealed that its serial number was defaced and no longer visible to the naked eye. This hand gun was found by Trooper Fenton within the bag that Mr. NGomba was seen going into earlier. When asked who the bag belonged to, Miss XXXX stated that it belonged to “Tevon”. In addition to the firearm found by Trooper Fenton, Agent Griffin found a clear plastic bag in the glovebox which contained a brown powdery substance which based on his training and experience he believed to be Fentanyl/Heroin. Miss XXXX was asked who the drugs belonged to and she indicated that they were “Tevon’s”. Preliminary weight of the Fentanyl/Heroin is 20 Grams.

Based on observations made of Mr. NGomba and the items found within the vehicle, Mr. NGomba was placed under arrest for the above mentioned charges. Prior to being transported to the Somerville Police Station, Mr. NGomba was transported the Somerville Hospital for evaluation. During his arrest, Mr. NGomba was complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains and was therefore transported to the hospital by Cataldo Ambulance to be checked out. Once released, Mr. NGomba was transported to the Police Station where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Holland. The Firearm and suspected Fentanyl/Heroin were transported to the Somerville Police Station by Agent Griffin. They were tagged as evidence at the Somerville Police Department but will be transferred to the ATF for further processing. A cell phone was also seized from Mr. NGomba by ATF agents. This phone will be processed as evidence by the ATF. Based on her Co-operation with the investigation, Miss XXXX was interviewed and released.

In furtherance of this case, I have reviewed Mr. NGomba’s Board of Probation Record. I believe that based on two separate and distinct convictions, Mr. NGomba meets the criteria under Chapter 269 Sec. 10G(a) for having a prior convictions for crimes of violence making him an Armed Career Criminal. (1) 04/08/2011 Car jacking Armed/Firearm Docket# XXXX. In my experience, I believe that it is common for individuals involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics to arm themselves in order to protect their supply of narcotics, the proceeds of narcotics sales from robbery, or to enable them to resist apprehension by police. Because of the close proximity of the firearm to the large quantities of narcotics, I believe that Mr. NGomba possessed this firearm during the commission of a felony; to with Trafficking in Fentanyl/Heroin in violation of Chapter 265 sec. 18B.

Respectfully Submitted;

Sgt. Dan Rego


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