Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jorge ALVES (DRUG, POSSESS TO DISTRIB CLASS A)

FCCC8DAF-79AE-4E84-AB51-1972955CFDC6081E231B-5E67-4AE8-AC5A-BF25FBB6CDB9On August 7, 2020, I was patrolling area East 2 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 7:28 AM, East 3, Ofc. Sousa, and I were dispatched to 14 McGrath Highway in the Star Market parking lot for a male party passed out behind the wheel in a black SUV.

Upon arrival, a Star Market employee directed me to a black Mazda SUV MA. Reg. XXXX parked in the lot in front of Star Market. As I approached the vehicle, the driver, later identified as Jorge Alves Jr., appeared to have just woken up and had half eaten McDonalds food in his hand and on his lap. When I asked Alves Jr., if he was ok and what was going on he just nodded his head and said he was fine. As I was speaking to Alves Jr., Ofc. Sousa and I noticed multiple light brown baggies in plain view in the center console along with aluminum foil, rolled up dollar bills, and what appeared to be a large sum of cash sticking out of a small backpack in the front seat. After we had him exit the vehicle to get evaluated by Cataldo, Ofc. Sousa asked if there was anything in the car and he mumbled something about brown being in the car and it being his friends.
While Alves Jr., was being evaluated by Cataldo, I took a closer look at the small bags in the front console that were in plain view. There were five individual knotted glassine baggies containing a light brown powdery substance packaged into a larger glassine baggie. Also, there was one separate small glassine baggie partially opened containing the same powdered substance. In my training and experience the substance appeared to be Heroin/fentanyl and packaged in a manner consistent with distribution of narcotics.

Due to Mr. Alves Jr. criminal history, the large amount of money, and separately packaged drugs, I believe he possessed these with the intent for distribution.

Alves Jr. was medically cleared by Cataldo and placed under arrest for:

94C/32 Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A

Alves Jr. , was transported by Ofc. DellIsola in Unit #200 to Somerville Police Headquarters and booked in the usual manner by Lt. G. Rymill.

20038375-1  $3,438.00 USC was seized from a small backpack located in the front passenger seat of the MV. Note the money was separated in several stacks of cash.

20038375-2 Five small glassine baggies packaged in a larger baggie along with one opened baggie were seized from the center console.

20038375-3 Small Louis Vuitton backpack was seized that was located in the front seat of the MV.

The motor vehicle was towed via Pats Towing. During the search incident to arrest, $3,438.00 USC was seized for forfeiture proceedings.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christine Bork #327
Somerville Police Department

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