Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Robert CARNEY (Aggravated A&B)


On Saturday, 07/25/2020, at approximately 02:25 AM, I, Officer Haley (West 6), was dispatched to the area of 4 College Ave, for a call of two males fighting. Officer O’Brien (West 5) and Officer Morel (West 7) also responded as backup.

Upon my arrival, I saw a man, later identified as XXXX, down on the ground having a seizure. Officer Morel and I placed Mr. XXXX into a recovery position and I noticed a large cut on his forehead bleeding. After approximately 30 seconds, Mr. XXXX stopped seizing, was breathing, but otherwise unconscious and unresponsive. Another man, known to me as Robert Carney, was in the street yelling at two bystanders that they should mind their business and that the guy on the ground deserved it. Officer Morel stayed with Mr. XXXX while he was treated by Somerville Fire and Cataldo that had arrived on scene.

Officer O’Brien and I separated Mr. Carney from the two bystanders. I spoke with both bystanders, identified as XXXX and XXXX, who said they witnessed Mr. Carney assaulting Mr. XXXX. Mr. XXXX and Mr. XXXX explained that they were riding their bikes through Davis Square when they heard some yelling and moaning from around the corner. They both said that when they rode around the corner to see what the yelling was, they witnessed Mr. Carney repeatedly punching Mr. XXXX in the head while he was walking away from him across the street towards the Davis Sq MBTA Station. Both witnesses explained that Mr. XXXX then fell forward onto the ground and appeared unconscious. At this point, both witnesses stated that Mr. Carney stood over Mr. XXXX, while down on the ground unconscious, and continued to repeatedly punch him in the head. The witnesses described it as just wailing on his head while he was unconscious. Mr. XXXX and Mr. XXXX said they then approached Mr. Carney to get him off of Mr. XXXX and that he tried coming after both of them, but they were able to keep him at a distance with their bikes until police arrived.

I asked Mr. Carney what had occurred between him and Mr. XXXX. Mr. Carney stated that he did not who Mr. XXXX was but that he was “talking shit” and “got what he deserved.”

Mr. XXXX did not regain consciousness on the scene and was transported by Cataldo to Mass General Hospital.

Based on the account of both witnesses, as well as my witnessing of Mr. XXXX seizure, loss of consciousness, not regaining consciousness, and seemingly large cut to his forehead, I placed Mr. Carney under arrest for Aggravated Assault and Battery: MGL ch.265 s13A/B/II.

Mr. Carney was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Rivera (200) and booked by Lt. Capasso.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Daniel Haley
Badge 335
Somerville Police Dept.

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