Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Renan SANTOS (MV Violations)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Sunday, August 2, 2020, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser East-1, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 1:36 A.M., Officer Johnson (East-4) and I were dispatched to 43 Third Ave (UPS) for a large car group. It should be noted that over the course of the last two Saturday evenings there has been similar calls for service to this area (20035417 & 20036435).

Upon arrival in the area officers encountered approximately 400 cars lined up on both sides of the street and in private parking lots along Inner Belt Rd. There were approximately 800-1000 people either in the middle of the street or by vehicles listening to loud music and some consuming drinks out of red cups. I radioed for more units while Sergeant Slattery (Sierra-8) radioed for surrounding agencies to help disburse the large crowd from the area. Some officers were assisted on Third Ave and Inner Belt Rd, while other officers were at the intersection of Inner Belt Rd and Washington St getting the cars through.

While I was at the intersection of Third Ave and Inner Belt Rd, I could hear a motor vehicle revving its engine, tires screeching and glass being broken coming from the parking lot of 59 Inner Belt Rd. It should be noted that this parking is a way of public access. I proceeded to the parking lot and observed a gray Mazda (Massachusetts registration XXXX) finishing a partial circular burn out almost hitting a parked motor vehicle. I blocked the vehicle and ordered the driver, later identified as Renan Santos, to place the vehicle in park and shut it off. His stereo was at an extremely high volume and he got out of the vehicle to attempt to speak with me. He left the vehicle in drive and it rolled into my cruiser striking the drivers side tire and fender. I asked Renan for his drivers license, he stated he didn’t have one and only could produce his Brazilian passport. I queried Renan’s name via the CJISWEB application and returned that he did not have a Massachusetts drivers license.

At this time Renan was placed under arrest for the following;

M.G.L. c90 / §24 Reckless operation of motor vehicle

M.G.L. c90 / §10 Unlicensed operation of motor vehicle

M.G.L. c90 / §16 Harsh and Objectionable noise (tires)

Renan was transported by Unit #200 (Officer Radochia) to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked by Lt. Capasso. Renan’s vehicle was towed by Pat’s Towing.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer David Ruf #334
Somerville Police Department

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