An Editorial by Gina Castiello

I’m second generation born in America from Sicily, who has very deep roots in the city of Revere, Massachusetts. Growing up in Revere which was a suburb of Boston, now has morphed into a large metropolitan community. There have been many changes that have taken place through the years to our multicultural community, aka my hood.

During these turbulent times, I have deep concerns to what is going on in my community of Revere.

Mayor Arrigo of Revere has appointed Dimple Rana, The director of Healthy Community Initiatives/Revere on the Move (ROTM). To become the executive director of the Human Rights Commission in Revere.

During the summer of 2019, Dimple Rana published in “Revere on the Move” IMPORTANT ICE RAID INFO & Legal Consults.

Why is Dimple Rana supporting Sanctuary policies?
Why would Dimple Rana, a city employee, blatantly endorse illegal activity?
How would the state ethics commission react to this?

I believe equal treatment is essential to all its citizens. Dimple Rana has shown her inability to perform a fair and ethical job as The Director of Human Rights Commission.

I truly hope the appointee will have respect for all human rights regardless of their nationality.

As a hard-working tax paying law-abiding legal citizen, I want EQUAL treatment not SPECIAL treatment.

Thank you & God Bless America
Gina Castiello

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